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Tony M

Newbuild to cost 411m

In early 2011 the board of Central Finland Health Care District met to discuss the future of the province’s central hospital. Over the previous ten years roughly 10 million euros a year had been spent on expanding the hospital and keeping existing buildings in an … Lue lisää

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Signs of recovery – but tough challenges lie ahead

For Finland the period since the 2008 downturn in the world economy has been difficult, both politically and economically. While some major world economies – in Europe too – have returned to solid growth, the recovery in Finland has been slow to materialize. While growth … Lue lisää

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Too many unanswered questions

As a long-serving city councillor and member of the city board I can honestly say that I have never received as many letters of protest concerning the future funding of key public services as I have this autumn. Adherence to the frame budget for 2017 … Lue lisää

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Big decisions shaping Central Finland’s future

After seemingly years of inability to implement reform of social services and healthcare, the last couple of weeks have witnessed some major decisions which will have a permanent and far-reaching impact on the way services are organised and Central Finland is administered.

In addition to … Lue lisää

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